Mindfulness At Rest Or In Motion

I will be the first to admit - I am not the most dedicated when it comes to establishing a regular workout routine. I don't particularly enjoy heart-racing activities either, and so have found my favorite activities are usually something gentle, like long walks or yoga. With the limitations from quarantine, I've been gradually incorporating more of these aerobic exercises from home, and have begun to notice more about how my mindfulness observations of my body (particularly my spine) while it's in motion.

Previously, I had mostly been taking notice of my bodily awareness while being still, and doing my best to meditate or essentially "scan" how my body felt in a snapshot of time. I've found that I can much more easily sense tension/discomfort/relaxation in my body while it's in motion rather than when tasking it to be "at rest", as perhaps my body does not feel at rest when being so unnaturally still. I'm unsure if this is perhaps means I'm 'doing it wrong', if this can vary by person or if this is a transition as I get more accustomed to feeling more of my body's sensations.

Due to my training as a violinist, I've become quite readily able to recognize tension or relaxation in my arms, fingers, shoulders and those parts more directly related to my performance training, regardless of being in motion or at rest. I wonder if my current need to be in motion to recognize these sensations in my spine, neck, back, hips, etc are simply a similar growth in familiarity like it took my arms and hands, or is it partly due to how centrally vital the spine is toward the entire bodily structure. Needless to say, I'm still very much slowly feeling my way through this process, but this observation I've noticed of late with my need to be in motion to feel more mindful of my spine has been a big step for me. Has anyone else felt these kinds of specific personal discoveries?