Incorporating Mindfulness into Remote Lessons

With recent acknowledgement of my Remote Teaching frustrations, I wanted to begin paying specific attention toward how I communicate with my students during COVID virtual lessons, as well as specifically how I'm having students add Mindfulness into their own lessons and playing.

The main thing I felt was important to broach to students was simply slowing down - verbally, musically, and physically. I'm trying to have students really feel the deliberateness of either the process at present, or the awareness of the muscle sensations as they develop a new habit, and there really simply isn't any remedy as effective as slow practice.

Beyond the technical and musical aspects, though, slowing down also seems to calm students and boost their confidence in a new piece, as well as teach them the benefits of persistent work. Students can then be more aware not only of what they're reading/playing/moving/feeling/reacting, but can develop self-assurance that this learning process is done accurately, and with less frustrations and confusions in the long run, unlike speed-learning.

We will have to see how students (particularly with students ages 8-12, I've noticed) react to this new type of habit learning and awareness, but I'm curious to see how it goes!