I have always wanted to feel special like I Matter. As a child, I felt like I was somebody special because I had positive parents as role models. They instilled motivation, drive, encouragement, and joy in my spirit which traveled with me to adulthood and this helped to develop good self-esteem within myself.

Giving children encouragement and support can help them to feel good about themselves. Every child is born a gift to the world with character strengths and abilities that allow them to express their unique individualities in their own way. This is the core of what makes a child special.

In today’s world, children are faced with more and more stress with anxiety, peer pressure and academic pressure. Stress that occurs frequently, can be damaging to a child’s health if not dealt with. Toxic stress that children suffer not only shapes their emotional lives as adults, but also affects their physical health and longevity.

When a child experiences anxiety, it activates the bodies protective stress response kicking the ‘fight or flight’ response into motion. Giving a child resources like Mindfulness music can play an important part in restoring an unfocused mind back to healthier thoughts.

It is hard to feel special about yourself or anything if you are dealing with anxiety and stress. When ever I see a child in stress, relaxing music seems to do the trick of removing bad energy of bogged down emotions. Getting them to listen to the music may come with some challenges at first but, with role playing (Telling a story about the song and creating games) when introducing the music can be helpful. Helping a child feel better mentally is the key to having good self-esteem.

Mindfulness is a tool that can help children with self-regulation helping them to focus on the present moment in a purposeful way. Mindfulness is extremely effective in stopping symptoms of anxiety in children that can result in stomach aches, fast breathing, and heartbeat.

Breathing exercises mixed with a peaceful sounding lullaby can help them relax and focus on one thing. Children need to be able to steady their minds and thoughts on what is around them and experience self-aware. Taking slow and steady breaths is a good way to start with or without music. Self-esteem songs is always a good idea to re-enforce good self-respect and awareness.

Through all my years of teaching, I have seen many children that

needed lots of development in self-love and having confidence. I created a song for them and fortunately, they embraced it and it helped them to appreciate every part of themselves.

I believe my mission in life is to teach and develop children into confident and compassionate people that will pass the knowledge on to do the same for others.

By: Mone’t Ledbetter-Glaude