Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Mr Ed's Musings No.4

(speaking, listening, and


Another great metaphor for achieving balance in the moment is that of

singing HARMONY with someone.

Think of experiencing their sound along with your sound, creating a shared blend, enjoying your identity and another's without sacrificing either.

Think of a discussion/debate with someone. It’s beautiful when you can actually be open to an opposing point of view—

hear it really consider it, while maintaining and not abandoning

your own point of view; often this can lead to a different kind of harmony: understanding.

And there's is the harmony you can achieve at times with mindfulness.

The ability to keep your own sense of yourself in a room full of strangers;

while you “dance” with the energy of the room—

You can hear and feel the people’s energy in the room

you can BE with it.

Not disappearing into the room, but staying in your body, aware.