“Hands and Heart”

...is a simple mind/body meditation

(recommended: a warm-up body scan or a bit of stretching or yoga)

beginning time 6 minutes, work up to 10-12 minutes

Select a piece of music you love, maybe that complements the vibe of the room and lasts about that long, (perhaps guiding the arc of your experience, keeping time for you:)

Lay on the floor (on rug with pillow,

however you can be comfortable and not restrict movement.)

Spread your arms to each side to full “wing span,” resting on the floor.

As the music starts, begin to raise your outstretched arms, hands palms up, imperceptibly.


The intent is to continue to raise them imperceptibly and as they begin to come in, they also slightly bend the elbow...

the destination is your heart, landing, folding there.

Don’t be surprised if you experience energy traveling between your hands and your heart, especially as you get close to completion.

Our hands and heart work together so well;

I now express gratitude

for the existence of my heart, it has never stopped beating for me, imagine that, your ten year old, your 30 year old, my 64 year old heart,

never once for a moment, has stopped.

I now express gratitude for my hands, they have worked so well, and so often they’re taken for granted, they are

the conduit between,

the transformer of the conjurer/alchemists of creative energy.

I give thanks for, and celebrate!

the relationship between the Heart and Hands.

photo courtesy pure thoughts.net