A Seed

Updated: Mar 12, 2020

Mr. Ed’s Musings No. 1

"We cannot force someone to hear a message they are not ready to receive, but we never underestimate the power of planting a seed." - Anonymous


In this worldly existence, too many of us are seeking perfection when it’s already living in us.

As a son of a farmer I was lucky enough to see, continuously, year after year, seeds being planted, seedlings sprouting, careful cultivation thru the growing season into harvest time.

And so many seeds, whether deliberately planted or not, found a place in the soil, sprang forth and thrived throughout their lives whether they were nurtured by humans, or not. The elements, air, fire, water and earth, — those components that are involved in every most every living journey on this earth — are all they needed to survive and flourish.

Introducing mindfulness in ourselves and in others is like planting a seed. Once planted, it may lie dormant for a bit, or it might spring to life sooner than later.

Let’s not fret so much if we don’t get the results we’d like immediately… Once the seed is planted… we really can’t know the the trajectory the seed’s journey will take, or whether that seed will beget other seeds.

Like Mitch Albom in his “Tuesdays With Morrie” book suggested: (I’m paraphrasing here) A teacher’s work may go on and on … we don’t know how much continuing influence in people’s lives they may have.

And that’s a good thing — I believe that the teacher’s work goes on in ways we can’t even fathom. And I believe that, because in my own life, teachers that seemed to “appear” just in time to save me.